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In real life, all kinds of extravagance and waste of the phenomenon is still uncommon, the fine tradition of thrift that some people seem to be forgotten. In daily life, the waste phenomenon is shocking. Large shopping malls, supermarkets and other

英文: Put an end to waste, from the start I 21 students are now the growing phenomenon of waste, there is no point saving awareness, waste is an undesirable phenomenon, it allows less and less of our resources, and there are not enough, but

We often eat out,and we usually order more food than we need.Finally we can see a lot of food is left at the end of the meal.It was a great waste . Each year ,we wonder how much food we waste.Don't you feel pity when you see so many leftovers?

"Hoe Wo day when the afternoon, sweat Wo soil, who knows dishes on the menu, A Journey." I believe we are no stranger to this poem it! However, I personally think there is a word which is not used properly: "drop", I think it can be replaced

Today, there are more and more people going on a diet. Going on a diet keeps people from growing too fat and saves them from many inconveniences and diseases related to being overweight. However, if carried too far, going on a diet could

铺张浪费 extravagance and waste / 勤俭节约 industry and economyThe Chinese government, therefore, is promoting the concept of a thrifty society and frugal economy as a matter of urgency. Chinese laws and regulations concerning energy conservation currently in operation leave a lot to be desired.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the modern society, is seems that more and more people desire a rather luxurious than wealthy life, and some even consider it shameful to be thrifty. There are two different opinions about this phenomenon.

One possible version:Save Food and Eat Healthily At present, our government has called on the people to save food. As middle school students, it's our duty to do something for it.To save food, we should remember that at any time we should eat

recently, “clear your plate” campaign is more and more popular in society, which advocates saving against wasting. (one possible version) recently,“clear your plate” campaign is more and more popular in society, which advocates saving


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