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The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia has made online courses the first choice nationwide and even the world , leaving students on and off . The online class breaks the limitation of time and space , realizes the sharing of teaching

we should regard the network as a life supplement.in network communication, we pay attention to browse, search and learn the knowledge, should not be in the independent knowledge retention, it should not waste time on boring information, do

What is a network courses The sum of the online courses is through the network performance of a discipline teaching content and teaching activities, is a new manifestation of courses under the conditions of the information age. It includes teaching

online-learning is a flexible way. The traditional way of study is to sit on the classroom, but now, people can sit at home, or sit at the coffee shop, they can have access to the knowledge. It is convenient and efficient, people can learn if they want,

这个The Internet is becoming more and more important in our daily life. On the net, we can learn news both at home and abroad and all kinds of other information as well. We can also send messages by e-mail, make phone calls, go to net school,

Internet is getting into people's life and becoming more and more popular. Experts are now working on setting up a national long-distance educational system in China to provide educational opportunities via Internet.In reality, the educational via

I love learning on internet.There 're lots of information in the webs, we can search the things we need to learn or we interested in.It can raise our knowledge in a funny way.We 'll not feel bored easily,so we'll spend more time on it. And I think

There is no doubt that computers are very useful in technology and business.

Now many of my classmates like to surf the Internet in their free time.I think Internet can bring us both advantages and disadvantages.For example,if I have some trouble studying, I can surf the internet to find more helpful information. And I can make

英语作文上网学习和课堂学习的区别 The biggest difference between studying online and studying in class is Teachers are not facing student,and that may cause a lot of problems.It's known that computer is a tool of communications.Students can


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