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求一段关于运动简单的两人英语对话 至少十句What do you want to know?B: 非常乐意。你想了解些什么呢?A. How long have you been playing basketball?A 你打篮球多久

关于运动的英语对话A: Which sport do you like best? 你最喜欢啥运动呢?B: Let me see, oh, yes, I guess I’ve loved basketball ever

有关运动健康的英语对话C :nice to meet you, my name is .B: nice to meet you too.and where are you going?A: we are going to liste

求关于运动的英语对话。 _英语_外语Jenny:It's so warm today!Let's go and have some sports!詹妮:今天太暖和了!咱们运动运动吧!H

求有关于运动的英语口语对话短文womenA:hi,wangfang,I want to ask you a question.B:say. A:are you proud of being

谁有美语会话全集的全部视频?可以提供吗?全集是这个吧 手打连接会被秒 麻烦你手动输入了

求一篇以“运动”为话题的英语口语对话,要求一到两分钟讲述你平时做什么运动?B: Well, I love to do push-ups, and go cycling every day.我喜欢做俯卧撑,每天我都骑单车。A: Why

关于休闲娱乐的英语对话do you have any hobbies?what do you do when you have free time?I like to watch novies.what kinds of novies do you

跪求一段 关于健康,运动和业余爱好的三人英语对话 每人6到7A:what are you doing?B:i am studying for the english exam.A:i have some problems in english?can you help me?B:of

关于休闲娱乐的英语对话what are your hobbies?I play golf.do you have any hobbies?what do you do when you


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