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1. During the period of my second day goes to a school term, I have had right away already the idea going to Korea Republic. My fond dream is to serve as one broker 2. Science department my meeting is chosen, the knowledge needing to carry

i didn't mean to cheat on you ,trust me


这句话实际是说:因为歧义而两人永远的错过彼此了.是吧?可以译为:People would miss each other forever due to disagreement.注意:不能仅看字面意思来做汉译英,不是所有的汉语情境都可以确切地用英语表达出来的,因为文化不同.

The local government introduced the snakes into this area hoping that they would control the number of mice, which finally bacame the threat needed to be controlled. 当地政府为了控制老鼠的数目在这一地区引进了蛇,但这么做以后(蛇的迅速增长)反倒成了这一地区的又一威需要严加控制. 加了额外的意译,希望对你有帮助

他总是昏头昏脑的.not know whether one is standing on one's head or one's heels是晕头转向,昏头昏脑的意思.

1.我很快就该走了(BE DUE TO ) I'm due to go soon.2.这是一列开往南京的快车(EXPRESS)This is an express to Nanjing.3.陈先生请旅行社提点建议(ASKFOR)Mr Chen asked the travel agency for some advice.

it has been estimated that around one in five pensioners leak to these benefits do not actually claim them它有是估计大约一 / 五的领年金者漏洞对这些利益做不实际上要求他们when you retire,you are allowed to exchange part of your expected

I am sorry, I fall in love with another person.Although he did not know and we did not get together. I think I still love him, so I can only say sorry to you.

心在远方便生活在远方 Dream away, and live away


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