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JI ):Think how dead, I help you. The show is just:Slow, kill I can, however have to explain first, do I die exactly in the whose hand? JI:Useless talk, I ah. The show is just:My …… is the …… who ……JI :I how can anyone know you is who? The show is just

Nanjing normal university, nanjing normal university of arts is the oldest and strength most abundant college of liberal arts foundation course, China is the talent cultivation and scientific research important academic base. It with a long history, the

有人问什么学院我出席,在何种程度上我有什么资格和我已是一个作者.答案是没有.我刚才write.i上午没有一个天才,我不是天才,不写right.i时没有纪律,无论是,花更多的时间与我chilren和朋友比我writing.to所有这些谁的梦想,写作,我上午呼喊你, “是的,您可以” !写作并不困难,这是有趣,而且任何人都可以写一本书,如果他们订定的态度,当然, alittle哑巴运气不伤害

您的姓名和地址得到通过纽约商会以及众所周知的进口商处理各种计算器和我们写信迫切希望您开立帐户与您联系. 正如你会知道在inclosed目录,在这里我们已经建立超过二十年的出口商计算器.在此行的业务,我们有着特殊的优势地位,因为我们有广泛和密切的联系以一流的制造商在韩国,你可以放心,任何订单您可以向我们迟早将被处死,以最低的最低市场价格并以最好的条件可能. 我们做生意的不可撤消信用证确认下,我们提请草案即期.价格以离岸价釜山美元. 我们的银行是韩国外换银行,汉城,他们可参考我们的业务地位. 如果您有兴趣计算器,请威特我们的条件,您可以与我们交易. 我们期待着您的审判秩序.

My name is HanTian, QingTang graduation liantang high, my hobby is playing computer, read a novel, playing games and both on. My English is not very good, so the school here.

Hello, I would like to ask e-mail you received? I have read the contract, there are several areas need to be amended: As a result of our company do not have the right to freedom of export, so we are looking for an agent and signed a contract to you.

Although gave shelter to a disabled person to a family is possibly the very big burden, But this is concerning between the person and person's love. The sons comply

It's good to be alive in the world, this kind of happiness can not be reach by play with yourself or a loner, its about the creation of the god, the living things and good for you.Mother love their child. The day you come to earth is life changing lives with

英翻中: 在上封邮件中我提到的,我想要进口一些回火的玻璃.尺寸如下:.. 我想要你提供给我最好的价格. 如果价格合理的话,第一次我想要购买稍少的数量,去确认这个型号是否是我们所需要的正确的一款.然后我们会订购以上我所提到的数

1.the difference of social systems between countries should not influence on their cooperation. 2.these computer-control robbots left deep impression on us. 3.the young man whose face and speech like a star's is li ming's elder brother. 4.tom is rich


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