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My girlfriend and I because of a very small things produced dispute, she finally put forward to break up. That is why I was surprised and very helpless. In fact, in the communication when I discovered that the difference of our lifestyle, but I believe that

帮你修改了点,你看看参考一下.I'm ashamed that I did not pass this exam, but I hope my special situation can be considered in the assessment . If I still can not pass this course, I am wondering whether I can have other choices besides the re-do

1,把首先改成at first2,want to do sth(i want to say now)3,最后一句把could改成can4,能力有限,其他不确定

(中文是想要表达的意思,翻译不必和中文完全一样)(Chinese is the meanings to be expressed, English translation can go without being identical with Chinese )中文部分:Chinese conetents:总结,这是一门非常有用的学科,对于未来的

1. 您reply拼错了..2. 最好用if it do not bother you(如果不麻烦您我想做一个预约)3. 你要诚恳的那个:So, in your opinion, is it okay with you to make another phone call to her and discuss the issue base on the law? i'll be very appreciate(appropriate是恰当的意思)if you do so.希望能帮到你哦,望采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢!

Dear XXX Till to-date I haven't received your reply. I am anxiously waiting for your answer.The situation I mentioned in my previous letter is truly the situation I am facing. I shall appreciate it if you could kindly consider (考虑) my 'special circumstances' (特别状况).Thank you for your understanding.理解

1. I finished a very small but useful PHP project; 对的2. I helped two friends with their assignment; help sb do sth 或者 with sth3. I figured out some code in my course Application Programming.

When I saw your reminder, I felt sorry and embarrassed about the housework not being done last week. I was having a tough exam last week and I have been so focused on my studies. In fact, I was studying at school overnight before I met you on

In the end, I want to say I know as a professor, you must be very busy and it is not very necessary to consider too much for a student no matter how bad situation he is in, and also I know exactly I should take the full responsibility to undertake this fault I

重译版本:I haven't received your email. Could you please resend it to me?Regarding the make-up examination, is it possible for it to be scheduled on Monday? Because students can only reselect courses within the first four weeks, while it's very



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