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Trucks and buses are submerged in a river flood after deadly Typhoon Tokage brought heavy rain to the western Japanese city of Maizuru Japan October 21, 2004. Rescuers across Japan were searching for survivors on Thursday after Japan's

Typhoon Haitang landed the southeastern coast of Chinese mainland Tuesday afternoon, after battered Taiwan Province and rolled across the Taiwan Straits. After having lingered 28 hours at the Taiwan Straits, the torrential storm attacked

It's forcast by Wenzhou weather report that the eighth typhoon"MORAQ"will land on the seaside of Zhejiang.For your safety,please close the door and windows,and go out carefully. 应该这样翻译没错…


by pauline chiou cnn kaohsiung county, taiwan (cnn) -- a survivor from the typhoon that devastated taiwan told how she and her grandson were surrounded by rising water in their mountain village. the pair lived in shao lin, a village in the south wiped

Read the newspaper when I found an article on the typhoon in Guangdong news

2013年11月8日 BBC关于台风海燕即将袭击菲律宾的报道 The strongest tropical cyclone this year has begun battering the Philippines. The United States Navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Center said the Typhonn Haiyan had maximum sustained

By Pauline Chiou CNN KAOHSIUNG COUNTY, Taiwan (CNN) -- A survivor from the typhoon that devastated Taiwan told how she and her grandson were surrounded by rising water in their mountain village. The pair lived in Shao Lin, a village in the

台风天来袭,台风 译 The typhoon day, the typhoon

lood洪水 typhoon台风 tsunami海啸 tornado龙卷风 (el nino)厄尔尼诺 earthquake地震 drought干旱 famine饥荒 sandstorm沙尘暴 (debris flow)泥石流 (forest fire)森林火 plague瘟疫 (volcanic explosion)火山爆发 cyclone飓风 (snow storm)暴风雪 hail冰雹 (magnetic storm)磁暴 望采纳,谢谢

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