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In the future,some robots will help kids do their homework and play with them when they are alone at home.Some robots will do the work just like we do today,such as carrying heavy things in building .And there will be robots who can invent new

题目:something about the future 正文:not long in the future,people's life will have big changes as well as people's basic necessities of life.even there will be robots appearing to help us.and there will be pilotless automobile which can help us get to

Do you think you will have your own robot ?In some science fiction movies,people in the future have their own robots.These robots are just like humans.They help with the housework and do the most unpleasant jubs.Some scientists believe that there

由于不知道你上几年级,所以就帮你精心挑选了三篇不同阶段的佳作,希望能够帮到你!!一 高中水平(字数有点偏多,你可以节选)Do you think you will have your own robot ? In some science fiction movies,people in the future have their own

翻译如下 机器人能帮我们做什么 机器人是现代工程技术的奇迹.如果让机器人帮助照顾老人小孩以及做一些简单家务,那么每天可为人节省一个多小时的时间.随着人口日趋老龄化,机器人还能帮助老年人在住所待更长的时间.机器人的责任

The robot can do for us in the future?In twenty-second Century, humans have invented the high-tech robot. Robots can help people mopping the floor, washing, cooking and so on, as long as you want, the robot can help you.Not only that, when you

社会不断进步,科学技术不断取得新的成果,未来的机器人呢?像人一样吗?是的.Society continues to progress, science and technology continue to achieve new results, the future of robots, like people do? Yes.未来的机器人有特殊的功能.如

After work,robot could drive me home and cook anything i want.Monitoring the condition of my health.When i slept,he could also protect me frome robber.At 6 o'clock,he wake me up on time,and follow me morning jogging.He'll never feel tired,and

Robots will like dogs.They'll can help people to do some dangerous and dirty jobs.They will can also help us to look after our homes.In some times,they can save us in danger.They will like alarmclocks to make you get up.All in all,robots can help our

With the development of science ,more and more people are confused that whether it is good or bad to make robort.Are roborts going to take place of human beings.Every coin has two side.Robort can be good to our society and life.At the same


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