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邮局英文单词简单来写是post office

这应该是个句子 Where is the Post Office ? 邮局在哪里?

“邮局”英文读音:post office 英 [pəust ˈɔfis] 美 [post ˈɔfɪs] post n.邮件; 邮政; 柱,桩,杆; 岗位 vt.张贴; 宣布; 设岗; 邮寄 vi.快速行进; adj.有关赛跑(或赛马,赛狗)起点标志的; adv.〈外〉在...

邮局这个单词用英语怎么说 邮局 [词典] post office; Postoffice; [例句]她刚去邮局取了养老金。 She had just collected her pension from the post office

post office

在超市和邮局之间 In the supermarket and the post office. 在超市和邮局之间 In the supermarket and the post office.

A:Could you tell me the way to the Garden Hotel(花园酒店)please? B:Em, let me think about it,I'd just been there last few weeks. A:I hope you can remind of it. B:Yes, go down this street,then turn left at the third crossing, th...

One day, I went to the hospital with my friend Tony. Tony got a bad cold so he had to get an long-time injection. I felt bored, so I went to the bookstore to buy a novel. I passed the post office and got to the bookstore, but b...

邮局在哪里 这个句子 用英语表达 翻译为 :Where is the Post Office?


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