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I have to ask David to wait in the vestibule我只好让大卫在前厅等着.没有ask sb do sth这个短语ask sb. (about) sth. 问某人某事ask sb to do sth.让某人做某事 ask for help/sth 请求帮助,要求某事物 ask sb in/out 邀请某人出来,进来

这个不定式是错误的,应该是ask sb to do sth,造句:主语+ask+宾语+to+其他短语(to后面一个单词原型)

1. to do what a letter ask to is do 做信中要求做的事 来源: dj.iciba.com 2. ask if somebody has the ability to do something 询问某人能否做某事 来源: dj.iciba.com 3. ask someone in a friendly way to do something 用友好的方式要求某人做某事

用ask sb to do sth造句 Ask sb, esp politely, in speech or writing to do sth

He will ask me to do it for him.他会让我为他做.Mary asked Jack to do the chores with her.玛丽让杰克和她一起做家务.Mom asked me to help him with the dishes.妈妈让我帮她洗碗.The kid asked me to play with him.那个小孩让我和他玩.I want to ask my friend to help me with this problem, but the teacher doesn't allow.我想让我的朋友帮助我解答这一道题,可是老师不让.用心想出来的.

没有 应该是 1 ask sb to do sth 让某人做某事 如The teacher asks the students to finish the homework. 2 ask sb sth. 找某人要东西 如,He asks his mother some money. 他找他的妈妈要一些钱.

主语+asked+sb+V原+ (可加时间) 例如:He asked me to clean his room .

If you have any questions, you can ask us to help you deal with them. ^_^

ask sb not to do sth 让\告诉某人不要做某事 He ask/tell me not to swim in that lake. 他告诉我不要在那个湖里游泳.My mother tell me not to stay up late. 我妈妈告诉我不要熬夜.

I ask my classmate to do some exercises.你认为这难吗


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