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BE up For sth

make sth up是make sth up编造,杜撰,捏造...make sth up弥补,补(考)...的意思,make up for sth是补偿、赔偿、弥补或抵消某事物为某事而讨好某人的意思

be up to something [英][bi: ʌp tu: ˈsʌmθiŋ][美][bi ʌp tu ˈsʌmθɪŋ] 策划(忙于)某事 双语例句 1 Dont ever get too comfortable with the status quo, always be willing to blow it up and s...

【used to do sth】和【be used to do sth】 ①used to do 过去常常(表示现在不再) eg: I used to swim in the lake near my village when I was young. ②be used to do 被用于。。。=④be used for sth./doing sth. eg: Wood can be used to ma...

此句中it为形式主语,真正的主语是动词不定式to do sth,for sb是动词不定式的逻辑主语,说明某人做某事或对于某人而言。例如:Itis not a good habit to stay up too late. 熬夜不是一个好习惯。

It is up to sb. to do sth. 该句型为“该由某人做。。。”。该句型中up后的to是介词。 It is up to him to clean our classroom today. 今天应由他做教室清洁。 It is up to parents to teach their children manners. 该由父母教孩子礼貌。

be qualified to do sth. be qualified for sth.除了用法的不同,意思上没有区别. 例如:She is qualified to do the job.她能胜任这一工作. 也可说成She is qualified for the job.她能胜任这一工作.

1.是equip sth with sth 用某物装备某物。 被动(sth be equipped with sth)如: We’re going to equip the room with air-conditioning. 我们打算给这个房间装上空调。 He equipped his bike with a head light. 他给自行车装了前灯。 注:该句...

be comfortable to do sth 做某事很方便 ... be comfortable doing sth. 做某事很舒服

一、关于 of money 介词 of 常与动词搭配表示由于这种行为而把某物从行为对象处上去除、拿走、剥离等,如: * deplete sb. of money. 耗尽某人的金钱(被动:be depleted of money 某人被耗尽金钱) * cure sb. of a disease 医好某人的病 (被...

be surprised to do sth和be surprised doing sth的区别是: be surprised to do sth 是惊讶地去做某事. be surprised doing sth 是惊讶已经做了某事.


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