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BE up For sth

be +动词不定式(即be + to do sth.)的用法如下: 1.表示按计划或安排要做的事。例如: When are you to leave for home?你什么时候回家? She is to be married next month.她将于下个月结婚。 The Queen is to visit Japan in a week’s time....

make sth up是make sth up编造,杜撰,捏造...make sth up弥补,补(考)...的意思,make up for sth是补偿、赔偿、弥补或抵消某事物为某事而讨好某人的意思

It is up to sb. to do sth. 该句型为“该由某人做。。。”。该句型中up后的to是介词。 It is up to him to clean our classroom today. 今天应由他做教室清洁。 It is up to parents to teach their children manners. 该由父母教孩子礼貌。

放弃干涉某人做某事。 比如:I will give you up for smoking . 我将不再干涉你抽烟了。 其它: GIVE BACK 归还 GIVE AWAY 分发,放弃 GIVE IN 投降 GIVE OFF 放出(光。。)。。。

sign up to后面跟登记的对象,某组织,某网站,某会议 sign up for后面跟登记是为了什么,要聊天,要开会,要使用邮件

The time lost must Be made up for. 损失的时间必须补回来。 A button can be made of bone, wood, glass, or plastic. 扭扣可以用骨头、木头、玻璃或塑料制成。 The trunk seems to be made from camphorwood. 这个箱子象樟木做的。 Waste pro...

be useful for 对……有作用; 对……有用; 具有...用途; 对……有用处 be useful for sb.对…有好处; be useful for sth/doing sth 对于做某事来说是很有用的; be useful to 对…有用; 对…有益; 对……有用; be useful to sb.对某人有用;

(1)It is wise for them to turn down the suggestion. (2)It is impossible for me to finish the job.(3)It is possible for you to get there in only 15 minutes.(4)It's hard for him to give up smoking.(5)It is important for...

think sb to do sth

Laughing at me because I can still not give up you until now? What a ...are so many women in the world, may there will be a perfect for me. ...


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