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now that you have the key, please unlock the door.既然你有钥匙,请开门吧.now that,既然.I believed him even though he had lied to me before.这次我相信他,尽管他曾经跟我说谎.even though,尽管.


now that:既然;由于 as though:好像;仿佛 ever since :从那时到现在 even though :虽然,即使

even though即使,虽然as though 仿佛,好像now that 既然


even though,though 都可以引导让步状语从句,但even though引导让步状语从句,从句表达的往往是把握不大或假设的东西,因此可以用虚拟语气.例如Even though you had wings ,you can't be there in time.(即使你长了翅膀,也无法及时到那里) though引导让步状语从句,引出的内容是真实的.例如Though it's Sunday ,you can't watch TV too long.(虽然今天是星期日,你也不能看太久的电视)


though [u; ] ad. 可是,然而,不过 conj. 尽管,虽然 prep. 但 ;词性多 although conj. 虽然,尽管 ;只做连接次,两者基本相同.注意观察例句为佳.

be dependent on The boy is keen on mathematics. deal with, interfere with;known /noted for(因…. range from…to, benefit from, distinguish…from , devote to, adapt to, adjust to,in danger of (在….危险之中)3, ask for 2. be suited for, be

even if 与 even though 这两个词组大致意思相当,但强调的侧重有所不同.《麦克米伦字典》上的解释: even if: used for emphasizing that although something may happen or may be true, another situation remains the same e.g.He's determined


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